Zero Waste Fair at the 6th Annual Spring into Parkdale Festival Sat May 12, 2018!

Update: Thank you to all who came out to Toronto’s First Zero Waste Fair, which happened at the Spring into Parkdale Sidewalk Festival & Night Market! Here is our next event!
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Past event: Toronto’s First Zero Waste Fair! Held at the 6th Annual Spring into Parkdale Sidewalk Festival & Night Market Saturday May 12, 2018 –


Sat 5/12 #SpringIntoParkdale Festival has a new feature this year –
Toronto’s first #ZeroWasteFair!

The Zero Waste Fair at the 6th Annual Spring into Parkdale Sidewalk Festival & Night Market is Saturday May 12th, 2018, 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The Zero Waste Fair is at Queen St W. & Cowan.

Check out the 20+ exhibitors at the Zero Waste Fair, featuring repair, reuse, recyclers, DIY mini workshops, creative reuse activity stations, an interactive waste art installation, zero waste activists and goods, games, demo’s, compost, edible gardens and more.

The exhibitors are lined up & full details are now listed further below + a map!

Please see also the Zero Waste Fair’s FB link & full poster below:

* The Zero Waste Fair’s full 8 1/2 x 11 poster (NOTE: this was updated 08May2018):

PDF – ZW_fair_poster__full-pg_08May2018  … & the PNG is posted here –



Map #1: Zero Waste Fair – 




Map #2: Spring into Parkdale Festival –


At the Zero Waste Fair you can …


VHS/CD’s/DVD’s & children’s car seats for recycling with Red Propeller’s Get Reel (nominal fees apply)

*Special pricing is available at this fair: VHS $0.40 per tape; CD/DVD $0.20/item; children’s car seats $10+HST & booster seats $5+HST;

(Residents only please – for business / very large quantities, please contact Red Propeller separately. While other forms of mediatapes are not accepted at this event, they are part of the service that Red Propeller can provide, learn more here – )

(#DidYouKnow: they’re Ontario’s only dedicated VHS and Child Car Seat Recycler!)

Electronic waste for recycling with Free Geek Toronto

See the list of items accepted here:

(#DidYouKnow: they’ve been in Toronto since 2009 & sell affordable low-cost computers running Open Source Software diverted from the landfill!)

New and/or gently used infant gear for 0 to 12 month olds, for donation to The New Mom Project, for new moms in need who are referred to them by social service agencies

“clothing up to size 6T, diapers all sizes (open packs fine), toiletries, formula, new bottles, carriers, strollers, small toys, books, blankets.”

(#DidYouKnow: they started in Toronto in 2014!)


Strollers for tuneups by Stroller Spa Toronto (fee applies)

*Special $20 rate @ the fair (and inquire in advance with them to have onsite brake repairs). Plus, a show special: people who book a stroller tuneup onsite that day can get 15% off a future eco cleaning!

(#DidYouKnow: they’ve been in Toronto since 2012, help your baby gear last longer & keep it out of the landfill – and also offer rental, pick up & delivery!)

Broken items for repair with Repair Cafe Toronto (*they’ll be located inside Parkdale Library 12pm-4pm, registration closes at 3pm)

(#DidYouKnow: Repair Cafe Toronto helps you learn to fix your item, and they’re always looking for more volunteer fixers!)

Bicycles for a safety check with Bike Pirates (*they’ll be located @ the Cycle Zone @ Queen St W & Callender St)

(#DidYouKnow: they opened in Toronto July 1, 2006!)

Jars for bulk refills at the Saponetti Inc. zero waste soap sale station hosted by Toronto Tool Library (*they’ll be located @ the Cycle Zone @ Queen St W & Callender St)!

On sale will be laundry detergent, vinegar, dish soap, hand soap, shampoo and conditioner in bulk, so please bring your empty containers to be filled!

(#DidYouKnow: they have 10,000+ inventory items available for loan – including tools, camping gear, board games, toys and MORE! Become a member of the world’s largest Library of Things and start borrowing today!)


– Hands on DIY bodycare and cleaning products mini workshops with Anarres Apothecary plus they have zero waste household items available for sale too!

(#DidYouKnow: they carry DIY supplies and housewares, including 500+ ethically sourced essential oils, and dozens of clays, oils, micas, packaging, and housewares that are alternatives to plastics!)

– A community upcycled reusable bag making workshop with Boomerang Bags Toronto

(#DidYouKnow: Boomerang Bags volunteers worldwide have made more than 200,000 reusable bags, reducing single use plastics – they’re active in over 600 communities around the globe!)

Creative reuse activities including tshirt yarn making, tshirt bags, finger knitting, & collaging with Creative Reuse Toronto

(#DidYouKnow #1: they’re working on a special reuse/upcycle project at the fair for Parkdale Library!)

(#DidYouKnow #2: there are more than 42 Creative Reuse Centres in the US, and more in Britain, Australia and elsewhere; the oldest two centres are in California (since the 1970’s) and in North Carolina (since the early 1990’s)!)

Eco-parenting demonstrations & mini workshops with Doulas on Bikes:
11:30am Cloth Diapering, 1:00pm Baby Wearing, 2:30pm Baby (NON) Essentials, 4:00 pm Breastfeeding, & more

(#DidYouKnow: a baby could end up using 3,800 disposable diapers over the first 2.5 years of their life, that take 500 years guesstimate to break down! (The materials diapers are made of is a whole other #DidYouKnow.) Experience has shown that if parents have it in mind and prepare, *before* the baby is born, to use cloth diapers, they’ll be more likely to use them when the baby is born.)

Worm composting demonstration & information, garden tours at 1pm & 4pm of three food growing spaces in the immediate area – HOPE Community Garden (with barrel composting), Dunn Learning Garden (with future food forest) and Milky Way Garden (Community-owned) – and future urban agriculture hub plans displayed, with Greenest City!

(#DidYouKnow: “Greenest City is … dedicated to building healthy, inclusive neighbourhoods … & strives to facilitate experiences in which all participants can find meaning and relevance … by engaging participants of all ages in hands-on experiential programming that builds community, develops skills and knowledge, promotes active and healthy choices, and creates opportunities for social and environmental change. Built on the values of Diversity, Respect, Leadership, Personal Growth, and Collaboration.”)

Free seeds and information from Toronto Seed Library

(#DidYouKnow: they have 18 active branches in Toronto lending organic, heirloom & native seeds!)

– The food security wheel spin game and more with Second Harvest

(#DidYouKnow: Every day Second Harvest picks up donations of excess fresh and frozen food and delivers it to over 253 social service agencies in Toronto, enough for 30,000 meals a day!)

– An interactive plastic waste art installation with StopPlastics

(#DidYouKnow: they’re engaging with residents to ask City Council for a ban on plastic shopping bags!)

• ENGAGE+LEARN more about:

Jocelyn’s Soil Booster by Waste Not Farms will be available for purchase to nourish your plants!

(#DidYouKnow: it’s entirely naturally made from food waste from Toronto businesses!)

– the 5 step Community Climate Action Plan that’s being developed for Parkdale (one prong of which is zero waste!), with Green Parkdale

(#DidYouKnow: Green Parkdale is a member of the Green Neighbours Network of Toronto (GNN), a grassroots community network of people and groups working to make Toronto greener, healthier, and more sustainable!

“Do you want a climate-friendly neighbourhood, with more nature, gardens, and healthy food?

At Green Neighbours Network, we do too. We believe that by working together, we can do more, more easily, while having more fun and enjoying greater success. So if you are motivated to help green the city, and are keen to share your interests, skills and experiences with others, please join us. Together we will learn from other neighbourhood green groups across the city, and create a greener, more sustainable, and more vibrant Toronto.” *PS GNN has a zero waste team too!)

– what you can do to encourage our City Council to take action to ban or restrict unrecyclable and single-use plastic pollution, with Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA)

(#DidYouKnow: TEA has worked with workers, community groups and businesses to move Toronto toward zero waste, by: highlighting zero waste success stories & heroes in Toronto; connecting residents and community groups with Councillors; and helping Torontonians voice their vision of a zero waste Toronto in the Long Term Waste Strategy).

– the new A Million Acts of Blue: For a Plastic Free Future campaign that just launched internationally, with Greenpeace Canada

(#DidYouKnow: they have a free toolkit with recommendations for “7 Actions You Can Take to Create a Plastic Free Future” … including #7 “Start a Plastic Free Future Community Group”!)

– proper sorting techniques and how you can become a waste diversion ambassador in your multi-residential building, with the City of Toronto’s 3R’s Ambassador program

(#DidYouKnow: they have a goal to have at least one 3R’s Ambassador in all apartment, condo and co-op buildings; & the Waste Strategy includes an aspirational goal to work toward a Circular Economy and Zero Waste future!)

– the May-Aug 2018 #LoveYourLake shoreline cleanup from A Greener Future, plus they have zero waste kits for sale that support their cleanups too!

(#DidYouKnow: they have a rescue turtle named Nurdle and published an excellent book, illustrated by a teacher, called “Nurdle the Turtle: Lessons in Litter”! Oh, and there is a documentary film being made about the #LoveYourLake cleanups this year too. Meet the filmmaker onsite!)

#TransformTO & more from Live Green Toronto

(#DidYouKnow: “Live Green Toronto delivers programs, grants, incentives, and resources to engage the community in helping to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Together, we’ll make Toronto one of the greenest cities in the world.”)

– how we can match our zero waste goal with net-zero emissions, from ClimateFast

(#DidYouKnow: ClimateFast was formed in 2012, and works currently to promote and support the City’s #TransformTO program which is about reducing our CO2 emissions, with the goal of 80% reduction of CO2 by 2050. Are you in?)

waste awareness as it pertains to wildlife conservation, with some of the volunteer youth Earth Rangers

(#DidYouKnow: over 175,000 kids from all across Canada have signed up to become official Earth Rangers!)

– a community reuse day held the last Sunday of April and September, to reduce our collective ecological footprint by providing opportunities for neighbours to share reusable goods with each other called Secondhand Sunday, that started in Toronto in 2015!

(#DidYouKnow: You can bring Secondhand Sunday to your neighbourhood simply by contacting secondhandsundayTO[at]gmail[dot]com!)

The Zero Waste Fair, which is organized by Zero Waste Hub Toronto, is a part of the 6th Annual Spring into Parkdale Festival that’s put on by the Parkdale Village BIA, which altogether has a total of ~150 exhibitors, ~15K attendees, a children’s zone, entertainers, sidewalk sale, food & more located along 11 blocks of Queen St W between Dufferin & Roncesvalles!

Queen St. itself is not closed for the festival: two of the side streets where they front Queen St are closed to create hubs; exhibitors are located at the hubs, along sidewalks, in parking lots, the library & park!

The Zero Waste Fair area itself is located on the south side of Queen St W. @ Cowan Ave, around the festival’s Community Zone.

Zero Waste Fair exhibitors will be located:
– at the Parkdale Library (in the auditorium; and, outdoors on both sides of the library);
– down Cowan Ave;
– in front of Masaryk Cowan Community Centre; and,
– in Masaryk Park; plus,
– two exhibitors will be at the Cycling Zone at Queen St W @ Callender.

Thank you to everyone in advance for your help in reducing waste at this event:

Please Bring Your Own reusable containers, cup, cutlery, napkin, straw, if available (if you will be purchasing food/beverage onsite), & reusable bags, if you have them – and otherwise “recycle right’ & avoid littering, to help show some love for our planet Earth, & reduce necessary clean up efforts post-event. Pocket ashtrays may be handed out free to help eliminate litter.

A water bottle refill station is located inside Masaryk Cowan Community Centre & a jug of water is usually available at Parkdale Library.

#BreakFreeFromPlastic #GoForZeroWaste #0wasteTO

Our FB event link – …

Our eventbrite link (it’s free admission) – …

Special thanks to the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Library, the exhibitors & attendees for their support!

Here is the link to the Parkdale Village BIA‘s larger festival (that we are a part of) & its feature attractions (*mentions the Zero Waste Fair!) – &

* There are currently two different versions of the 1/4 page flyer, if you’d like to print (4 per page) & trim to distribute (*thank you*!)

NOTE: the PDF is up to date; the PNG is an older version & needs to be updated.

PDF – ZW_Fair_Poster_quarter-pg_080May2018 … & the PNG is posted here –


* Here is a single 1/4 page flyer, if you’d like to print (1 per page) & trim to distribute (*thank you*!)

NOTE: both the PDF & PNG are now older versions & require updating.

PDF – ZW_Fair_quarter_pg_20Apr2018_748x461px … & the PNG is posted here –

ZWfair quarter_pg_flyer_20Apr2018_748x461

* Volunteer with us! Help make this event a success!

Here are the Volunteer Application & Waiver Forms

in your choice of either PDF, or Word (.odt).

Thank you!


Volunteer App Form – Zero Waste Hub TO 27Apr2018

Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability – ZWHTO 25Apr2018

Word (.odt) –

Volunteer App Form – Zero Waste Hub TO 27Apr2018

Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability – ZWHTO 25Apr2018.odt