Join in Toronto’s 2nd annual Zero Waste Fair Sat May 11, 2019!

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Join in Toronto’s 2nd annual Zero Waste Fair
this Sat 11May2019 11am-6pm

happening as a part of the 7th annual

Spring into Parkdale Sidewalk Festival & Night Market

taking place along Queen St W from Roncesvalles to Dufferin!

Visit the Zero Waste Fair itself in
zone “K” on the festival map,
it’s the outdoor

Parkdale Amphitheatre
1258 Queen St W
(the first block betwn Dufferin & Noble streets)
Toronto, ON M6K 1L3

Spring into Parkdale Sidewalk Festival & Night Market map
Spring into Parkdale Sidewalk Festival & Night Market map via

We’ll have:

● a package free pop-up by bare market, Toronto Tool Library, & The Upcyclery,

● reusable cloth gift wrapping demos by Sophi of Your Eco Friend & Toronto Tool Library in time for Mothers Day,

● DIY fun rugmaking interactive activity for all ages by Creative Reuse Toronto showing how to upcycle textiles,

● hand mending of your items that need minor repair (like buttons or patches) by Parkdale Sewing Repair Hub,

● interactive mini workshops on baby wearing, cloth diapering & more by Doulas On Bikes,

● electronics donation drop off with local social enterprise Free Geek Toronto,

● tiny toy pieces collection drop off to be upcycled by Tiny Toy Co.,

● new unused travel size toiletries donation drop off for Sistering 24 Hour Drop In, &

● new unused nonperishable food items donation & grocery bags drop off for Parkdale Community Food Bank,

● plus a swap at The Grand Trunk,

+ Learn more about:

● food waste & how to reduce yours, with Second Harvest,

● plastics laws changes coming & opportunities to take action with Toronto Environmental Alliance,

● initiatives to promote reusables & reduce unnecessary single use plastics with Roncy Reduces, StopPlastics, & Strawless Toronto!

● compost, local edible gardens & not for profit Good Food Market, + the plans for a local food forest & more with Greenest City,

● rain gardens & more with Toronto Green Community;

● The Waste Wizard, TO Waste app, 3R’s Ambassador program, Free PollinateTO native plant kits, Home Energy Loan Program, & more with Live Green Toronto,

● how you can get involved with local residents in green activities in your neighbourhood with Green Neighbours Network of Toronto member Green Parkdale & Roncesvalles!

& more zero waste related exhibitors will sprinkled through the festival too:

– learn more about helping promote better cycling infrastructure & safer cycling with Ward 4 Bikes, &

bring your

bike for a tune up in the Cycling Zone, &

clothes for a swap at The Grand Trunk (%)

Check out also the Parkdale Flea Market, Little Tibet Market, Kids Zone, sidewalk sales & festivities, musicians, food & more! (%)

P.S. while you’re in Parkdale check out Chartreuse Style for bath brushes, wool dryer balls & more too! (%)

To summarize ->

Bring your –

● bike for a tuneup with Bike Pirates in the Cycling Zone¹

● sealed unused nonperishable food items &/or grocery bags – if it happens you have any you won’t use – for donation to Parkdale Community Food Bank²

● freshly laundered textiles that need minor repair like buttons & patches for hand-mending with Parkdale Sewing Repair Hub²

● electronics for drop off to local social enterprise Free Geek Toronto³

● tiny toy pieces for upcycling by Tiny Toy Co.⁴ ☼

● sealed unused travel size toiletries – if it happens you have any you won’t use – for donation to Sistering 24 Hour Drop In⁵ ☼

● clean reusable containers to fill when you shop the package free pop up onsite that day by bare market, Toronto Tool Library & The Upcyclery, including bulk cleaners, bodycare, soaps, zero waste lunch & household goods & more alternatives to single use plastics too (or get some containers there)! ***

Consider signing up for a membership to Toronto’s Library of Things with Toronto Tool Library & The Sharing Depot!

● scarff or other reusable textile & your gift to learn DIY cloth gift wrapping from the demo by Sophi of Your Eco Friend (she’ll wrap your gift for free, or for $3 if you’d like her to use one of the 2nd hand scarves she’s bringing)! (selection varies, while supplies last.)

Learn –

● at Enviroparenting Demos at Zero Waste / Parkdale Sidwalk Festival including cloth diapering, baby wearing & more in interactive mini workshops with Doulas On Bikes (see their mini workshops schedule for Sat May 11 here )

● how to reuse textiles & make DIY rugs in a fun interactive all ages activity with Creative Reuse Toronto²

● how to compost & grow local urban food & food security, plus tour the local edible community gardens, & see the plans for a local food forest with Greenest City²

● about campaigns with Toronto Environmental Alliance for a green, healthy & equitable city with economic activity that sustains our environment including on:

○ waste reduction, air quality, climate change, the greenbelt, toxics, & more, &

○ single use plastics policy changes coming from various levels of government & opportunities to take action to show your support for changes!

● about other initiatives to help reduce single use plastics & promote reusable alternatives with Roncy Reduces**, StopPlastics, & Strawless Toronto!

● about Secondhand Sunday that happens the last Sunday in April & September in Toronto! ☼

● info about Repair Café Toronto & how you can help promote a culture of repair! ☼

● how rain gardens can help prevent flooding plus reduce pollution from stormwater runoff into our waterways, with Toronto Green Community & their social enterprise project RainscapeTO²

● about green & waste programs & services available through the City with Live Green Toronto² like the:

Waste Wizard & TO Waste app

3R’s Ambassador program for multi-residential buildings

Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) for homeowners to help save money on energy bills by making improvements to reduce energy use

○ free pollinator-friendly PollinateTO Native Plant Kits available for advance pre-order to pick up at future Community Environment Days that are organized by #CityofTO!⁷

○ and more!

~ ~ ~

Thank you to everyone in advance for your help in reducing waste at this event, please B.Y.O. (Bring Your Own) containers, cups, cutlery, napkin, & straw if possible, and otherwise “recycle right’ & avoid littering to help show some love for Parkdale and planet Earth & reduce necessary clean up efforts post-event.

~ ~ ~

All the exhibitors we’ve mentioned above are located
at the Zero Waste Fair in zone “K” at the festival
unless we noted specifically that they are located in a another zone at the festival.

~ ~ ~

¹ The Cycling Zone is zone “G” on the map.

² The Community Zone is zone “I” on the map & includes (among other exhibitors) also:

○ Creative Reuse Toronto
○ Green Parkdale & Roncesvalles
○ Greenest City
○ Live Green Toronto
○ Parkdale Community Food Bank
○ Parkdale Sewing Repair Hub &
○ Toronto Green Community

³ Which items are accepted for drop off to Free Geek Toronto?

⁴ Which items are accepted at the Zero Waste Fair for upcycling by Tiny Toy Co.?

⁵ Which items are being accepted at the Zero Waste Fair for donation to Sistering 24 Hour Drop In?

○ travel size: shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, body lotion, & body wash (no mouthwash or razors). ☼

*** For an example of some of the selection that will be available at
the package free pop up visit

bare market &

Toronto Tool Library &

be sure to check out also
the reusable upcycled alternatives to single use plastics such as
produce bags, totes, cutlery kits, cotton rounds, beeswax foodwraps, knit dishcloths, nut milk bags, & handkerchiefs
handmade by local maker TheUpcyclery who will be onsite too!

** Roncy Reduces has just been in the news twice & has organized a screening of The Clean Bin Project to take place June 5 for World Environment Day at Revue Cinema!

⁷ Can you let me know more about the PollinateTO free Native Plant Kits?

☼ Find items noted above with this sign & more at @ Zero Waste Hub Toronto‘s booth!

(%) Where are Chartreuse Style, Parkdale Flea, & The Grand Trunk at Spring into Parkdale? They’re between zones “A” & “B” on the map.

Can you also let me know more about the swap @ The Grand Trunk?

~ ~ ~

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For more info about the larger festival itself please visit

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The Zero Waste Fair is brought to you by
Zero Waste Hub Toronto

with special thanks to the following for their support:

Greenest City
Creative Reuse Toronto
Toronto Environmental Alliance
Peach Berserk
Repair Cafe Toronto
Green Parkdale & Roncesvalles

~ ~ ~

~ Thank you and enjoy! ~