Right to Repair Update May 2019


“The Right to Repair bill proposed last week in the Ontario House of Commons was not passed.

Big tech companies like Apple are reported to have had a hand in the result through their lobbying efforts.

Over 20 US States have brought similar bills forward and nothing has yet passed.

However, this is just the first step.

The automotive repair industry (car mechanics) fought for almost 8 years before automakers agreed to provide repair solutions for on-board electronics.

Without years of advocacy, you would still need to take your vehicle to a dealer instead of your local repair shop every time a sensor malfunctioned.

Lawmakers supporting Ontario’s Right to Repair bill indicate that the effort can be taken to the federal level following the upcoming election.”

(Source: Green Neighbours Network of Toronto (GNN) May 2019 Newsletter.)

Let’s support the federal Right to Repair movement! Sign the petition started by OpenMedia for Canada here: https://act.openmedia.org/your-right-to-repair.