Proposed Federal Ban on Harmful Single Use Plastics June 2019

10June2019 – “Canada announced a plan that includes bans for harmful single use plastics by 2021. A great step forward!”

12June2019 – As Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA)’s full time waste campaigner Emily Alfred said on Breakfast Television Toronto (excerpts):

“A total ban is only a step in the right direction … 10,000 tonnes of plastics are ending up in the Great Lakes every year and make their way … into our drinking water … we can’t keep cleaning up litter, we need to turn off the plastic tap and slow the flow of plastic. The federal plan is looking at the most problematic plastics … also includes holding producers responsible for what they put on the market … and to look at declaring some plastics that are really harmful “toxic”. There are a lot of ready alternatives that we know exist and I think Canadians are ready for it.”


Above: a screenshot posted by Toronto Environmental Alliance on Twitter from the Breakfast Television Toronto video interview June 12, 2019.

Watch the full clip: