Update: City of Toronto Reducing Single Use and Takeaway Items – Next Steps @ May 2019

City of Toronto Solid Waste Management Staff are currently preparing draft approaches and timelines for regulations Reducing Single Use and Takeaway Items, which will be open for public comment

“in Summer/Fall 2019 including an online survey, a forum, in-person meetings with key stakeholders and a number of other approaches.

Their goal is to hear from as many people as possible, and they’re committed to providing those opportunities.

Following the consultation, City staff will review the results in Fall 2019 and develop a recommended strategy to reduce waste that includes mandatory and voluntary tools and a timeline.

This will be presented to and voted on at Council in early 2020.”

(Source: Toronto Environmental Alliance https://www.torontoenvironment.org/update_toronto_plastics.)

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“Above: A sign at the City of Toronto’s consultation event in October 2018, listing some of the items under review.”